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Anthropology, Psychology and Religion

Kim Humphrey, Boston College (Massachusetts)

Julia Brumbaugh, Regis University (Colorado)

For this year’s Anthropology, Psychology, and Religion section, we are especially interested in papers that address the conference theme of “‘All The Ends of the Earth:’ Challenge and Celebration of Global Catholicism.” Suggested areas of inquiry include:

●      Theological reflections on colonialism, post-colonialism, and de-colonialism, with special interest given to projects that engage Homi Bhabha’s work on hybridity, mimicry, and/or ambivalence.

●      Reflections on persons and communities inhabiting theological, spiritual, and ecclesial, as well as geographic “borderlands,” particularly as those borderlands are experienced by persons living within complex multi-cultural contexts. We are also interested in proposals that explicitly consider the literal and metaphorical disruption of borderlands, from segregation to border walls.  

●      How interfaith dialogue and religious pluralism (re)shapes the experience of religious identity and community.

●      Explorations of how varying cultural presumptions about psychology and subjectivity inform religious experience and identity.

We encourage the proposal of individual papers as well as multi-person panels.


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