Comparative Theology

Maureen L. Walsh, Rockhurst University (Missouri)

Glenn R. Willis, Ph.D., Misericordia University (Pennsylvania)

The Comparative Theology Section invites papers that explore the 2017 College Theology Society conference theme: “The Catholic Church in America.”  This section is particularly interested in proposals on the following questions and topics:

1. How should “Religious Literacy” be understood in a religiously diverse American context?  The Comparative Theology Section, seeking a wide conversation with both the advocates and critics of comparative theological study, explicitly welcomes papers that defend or challenge the place of interreligious study in the development of religious literacy.  Papers might address one or more of the following (or other questions):

a. Who is allowed to define the parameters of religious literacy?  Stephen Prothero?  Eboo Patel’s Interfaith Youth Core?  Local ecclesial authorities?

b. What are the political or ecclesial consequences of literacy and its absence? 

c.  Should religious literacy be interreligious—in what ways does comparative theological study advance or hinder relevant forms of religious literacy?

d. In what ways might comparative theological study be related to the process of secularization—either as a response to, or as a foundation for, secularity—among younger Americans?

2. Why is Comparative Theology primarily a North American phenomenon, thus far?

3.  The Comparative Theology Section welcomes panel proposals related to specific works on interreligious thought or comparative theology in a North American context.

As always, this section invites papers that consider the implications of the conference theme for college teaching. Proposals outside of the conference theme but still related to comparative theology, theology of religions, or interreligious dialogue are very welcome but may receive secondary consideration.  Submit proposals via email to both of the conveners listed above.

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