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Comparative Theology

Mara Brecht, University of Saint Michael's College (Ontario, Canada)

Axel Marc Oaks Tak√°cs, Harvard Divinity School (Massachusetts)

The Comparative Theology Section invites papers that explore the 2019 College Theology Society conference theme of the Challenge and Celebration of Global Catholicism. This section is particularly interested in proposals on the following questions and topics:

  1. Christianity has been interreligious and intercultural from its inception: The expansion of Christianity from the 1st-century Jewish, Jesus movement, through its reception of Hellenic thought and its eventual alliance with empire and colonialism, to the 21st century, suggests that catholicity has always been global, for better or worse. What is comparative theology’s contribution to the global nature of catholicism? In what ways does comparative theology contest or affirm global catholicism?
  1. Global Catholicism in the third millennium participates in varying degrees in other “universalizing” and/or “exclusionary” ideologies such as globalization, capitalism, neoliberalism, nationalism, and racism. How does interreligious, Catholic theology sustain, reproduce, subvert, or complexify these ideologies?
  1. New and virulent forms of anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies in the United States suggest the limits of hospitality within the confines of national(ist) boundaries. How does comparative or interreligious theology, with its metaphor of “boundary crossing”, interact with discourse that emphasizes national, racial, ethnic, and/or religious boundaries? What does comparative theology offer to ordinary Catholics who strive to celebrate catholicism’s global nature, in this political climate?

As always, this section invites papers that consider the implications of the conference theme for college teaching. Proposals outside of the conference theme but still related to comparative theology, theology of religions, or interreligious dialogue are welcome.

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