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Susan Reynolds, Candler School of Theology at Emory University (Georgia)

Jennifer Kryszak, Saint Thomas University (Florida)

The Ecclesiology section welcomes papers that pertain to this year’s theme, “‘All the Ends of the Earth:’ Challenge and Celebration of Global Catholicism.” Papers might consider the following topics:

  • 1.     How do marginal and non-Western ecclesial contexts challenge and expand understandings of the Church’s catholicity?
  • 2.     How can ethnography and other methodologies drawn from the social sciences serve the global-ecclesiological task?
  • 3.     How are ecclesial practices influenced by migration, transnationalism, globalization, and/or other global dynamics?
  • 4.     How does Catholicism understand mission from a decolonial perspective? How do institutional articulations of mission interact with local/global experiences of mission?

The conveners will also gladly review papers outside of these areas that pertain to any ecclesiological topic.


All papers should be conceived for an effective thirty-minute presentation with a fifteen-minute discussion afterward.

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