Tim Gabrielli, Seton Hill University (Pennsylvania),

Jennifer Kryszak, Saint Thomas University (Florida),

The Ecclesiology section especially welcomes papers that pertain to this year’s theme, 

“‘You Say You Want a Revolution’? 1968-2018 in Theological Perspective” within the following areas: 


1. The Church and the “revolution(s).” How does ecclesiology support and/or challenge various types of revolutionary activity as envisioned by the conference theme? How does membership or ecclesial location enable or limit revolutionary endeavors?

2. Pope Francis and ecclesial/political revolutions: How does Pope Francis relate to the revolutions of 1968? What does it mean to be a poor church for the poor? How does Pope Francis’ vision impact or reshape the church’s use of space and resources?

3. Historical-theological studies on revolution from 1968 to 2018 using ethnographic and practical-prophetic approaches.

4. Revolution and privilege: How does ecclesiology relate to structures of privilege? How does privilege, social and ecclesial, relate to revolutionary endeavors?

The conveners will gladly review papers outside of these areas that pertain to any ecclesiological topic. 

All papers should be conceived for an effective thirty-minute presentation with a fifteen-minute discussion afterward.

Please be sure to address proposals to both conveners at the email addresses indicated above. 

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