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Feminisms, Gender, and Theology

Julie Hanlon Rubio, Jesuit School of Theology at Santa Clara University

Katherine Greiner, Carroll College (Montana)

In light of this year’s theme, “ ‘All the Ends of the Earth’: Challenge and Celebration of Global Catholicism,” we encourage submissions on the following topics: the roles and experiences of women in theology, church leadership, and ministry in various global and ecclesial contexts; Catholic responses to clerical sexual abuse, gender and sexual violence, and human trafficking around the world; migration and refugee crises in a global context; gender identities, queer theology, gender fluidity, and LGBTQ ethics; women and poverty; women, ritual, and liturgy; women working in grassroots, faith-based, and ecclesial movements. Submissions on topics unrelated to the theme will also be considered.

The College Theology Society is a registered, non-profit professional society and a Related Scholarly Organization of the American Academy of Religion.


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