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History of Christian Life and Thought

Darius Makuja, Lemoyne College 

History of Christian Life and Thought invites proposals that address the conference theme of “ALL THE ENDS OF THE EARTH”: CHALLENGE AND CELEBRATION OF GLOBAL CATHOLICISM, which requires we answer the core questions raised by this theme, namely: What is “global Catholicism”? What are the possibilities and promises of a faith that is truly global?  The proposals should clearly identify how “The early decades of the 3rd millennium have witnessed breathtaking change, change that will continue to unfold exponentially, in ways that we have barely begun to imagine.”

While we especially invite the proposal that focus on the themes, we also welcome proposals on other topics such contextual theologies: African, Asian, Liberation and Black theologies among others, that have been pivotal in the celebration of global Catholicism in the course of the history if the Church and during the 19th century missionary expansion around the world and created an incarnated/inculturated faith that reflects the universality of Catholicism.

In this respect, we specifically look forward to proposals that demonstrate theologically ways in which Catholicism transformed and/or was transformed as it encountered indigenous religious traditions and cultures. How it engaged such religions cultures and the nature of relations established with one another across the globe. By identifying the challenges and successes in such encounter, consistent with the theme, proposals should further address these questions: “How does their experience enhance “traditional” understandings of doctrine, of the human person, of human relationships, of social justice, of worship, of family and community life, of international relations, of our relation to the natural world? What manifestations of the Catholic faith are to be perceived in diverse cultural expressions? How can the entire Catholic family acknowledge and celebrate its truly global identity?”

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