Justice and Peace

Jessica Wrobleski, Wheeling Jesuit University, jwrobleski@wju.edu
Marcus Mescher, Xavier University, mescherm@xavier.edu

The Justice and Peace section invites proposals addressing the 2018 convention’s theme, “You Say You Want a Revolution? 1968-2018 in Theological Perspective.” We recommend that prospective presenters read and be inspired by the full text of the convention’s theme, and we encourage submissions related but not limited to the following:

  • Analysis and reflection on the legacies of movements for justice and peace which were prominent in events of 1968, including movements for Civil Rights, women’s liberation, LGBTQ rights, and Black Power, as well as the anti-war movement; alternatively, papers might choose to focus on a contemporary movement for justice & peace (e.g., Black Lives Matter, the Women’s March, #NODAPL) and identify connections with and influences of prior movements
  • Reflection on theories and strategies for effective social change and how the various tactics employed in 1968 may or may not be translated to our contemporary context; reflection on the promise and pitfalls of revolutionary politics and grassroots protest movements
  • Attention to how a particular event(s) of 1968 has been significant in shaping subsequent social attitudes, politics, or religious teaching on justice & peace
  • Analysis and reflection on the role of popular culture—such as music, television, theater, film, and visual art—in the promotion of justice & peace

Other proposals relating to themes of justice and peace will also be considered.  Please email proposals to both conveners.

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