Justice and Peace

Kevin Glauber Ahern, Manhattan College,

Jessica Wrobleski, Wheeling Jesuit University, jwrobleski@wju.edu

The Justice and Peace section invites proposals addressing the 2017 convention’s theme, “American Catholicism in the 21st Century: Crossroads, Crisis, or Renewal?” We encourage prospective presenters to read and be inspired by the full text of the convention’s call for papers, and particularly request submissions related to the following topics:

  • ·      the Catholic Church’s role in promoting the common good,
  • ·      the consistent ethic of life and the challenge of faithful citizenship,
  • ·      inequalities and divisions within the church, including generational and cultural divisions, distribution of resources, class, divisions on LGBTQ rights, and different perspectives on the role of women,
  • ·      Catholic social movements and institutions (including new models, challenges, and issues of organizational ethics),
  • ·      Catholic participation in ecumenical and interreligious social movements,
  • ·      Catholic reflection and engagement on issues of race, gender, and class,
  • ·      the church’s response to immigration and the refugee crisis,
  • ·      religious freedom and changes in the church / state relationship,
  • ·      the effectives of communicating Catholic social teaching to lay Catholics (including the recent social teachings of Pope Francis), and
  • ·      the state of the Catholic peace and labor movements
Other proposals relating to themes of justice and peace will also be considered.  Please submit proposals to both conveners via e-mail.

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