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Mysticism and Politics

2021 Call for Papers

Eileen Fagan, College of Mount Saint Vincent (NY)

Janice Thompson, Kings College (PA)

The convention theme for 2021 will focus on the challenge of  “The Human in a Dehumanizing World,” by reexamining theological anthropologies and their implications. The realities that assault and oppress human beings on a daily basis compromise the flourishing of human life. What light does mysticism bring to political efforts to dismantle or transform dehumanizing cultures or institutions? How is our faith called to engage the struggles that human beings face in their social, economic, and political lives, as they go about their daily lives in the midst of corruption, exploitation, and discrimination? How do we transform a society of indifference or rejection to one of concern and compassion? How do we approach our world with a “mysticism of open eyes” and an “attitude of encounter”? How does our mystical and political imagination help us to think of and act on behalf of a future that shows Christianity embracing human dignity and common good for all God’s people? What challenges and opportunities does our dehumanized world situation present to us as theologians as we read the “signs of the times” in “light of the Gospel”? These are just a few questions to begin your thinking and your creative imagination. The Mysticism and Politics section welcomes proposals for papers, panels, and other presentation formats in response to the convention theme. Papers addressing other topics will be considered, but the conveners will give priority to those proposals that reflect the convention theme. Proposals are limited to 250 words. Please send a copy of your proposal to both Eileen Fagan ( and Janice Thompson ( When you send your proposal, please include the name of your institution and your contact information. Deadline for receiving proposals is January 15, 2021.

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