Philosophy of Religion

Mary Doak, University of San Diego (California),

Daniel Rober, Fordham University (New York),


The Philosophy of Religion section welcomes all proposals concerning issues in the philosophy of religion or in philosophical theology, but will give preference to proposals that are related to American Catholicism.  Proposals that explore the relevance of themes important to American Catholicism (such as freedom, pluralism, or dialogue) are encouraged, as are proposals that engage American women’s perspectives on philosophy of religion or the contributions of thinkers working in an American context, especially Joseph Bracken, Terrence Tilley, Richard Kearney, or Thomas Sheehan.

Please submit a proposal in the body of an e-mail message directed to both conveners. 

The College Theology Society is a registered, non-profit professional society and a Related Scholarly Organization of the American Academy of Religion.


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