The College Theology Society

 Serving Church and Academy Since 1954

Past Presidential Award Winners

Archbishop Rembert Weakland
 Year Where we Met President Award Winner
 1987 Loyola Baltimore Dolores Greeley Joe and Sally Cunneen
 1989 Nazareth-Rochester Mary Lea Schneider Brother Albert Clark
 1991 Loyola Chicago Keith Egan Archbishop Rembert Weakland
 1993 St. Mary's, CA Joan Leonard Michael Glazier
 1995 Holy Cross Brennan Hill Sebastian Moore
 1997 San Diego Terrence Tilley

 Bernard Cooke and

 Pauline Turner Cooke

 1999 St. Norbert Theresa Moser  Pat and Neil Kluepfel
 2001 Portland Bill Loewe Walter and Joann Conn
 2003 Marquette Loretta Devoy Charles Curran
 2005 Spring Hill Bob Masson Sue Perry
 2007 Dayton Anne Clifford Gaile Pohlhaus
 2009 Notre Dame Michael Barnes Norbert Rigali
 2011 Iona Brad Hinze Peter and Margaret Steinfels
 2013 Creighton Sandra Yocum Donna Orsuto
 2015 Portland Bill Portier Bill Collinge
 2018 St. Catherine's Shannon Schrein Anne Clifford

The College Theology Society is a registered, non-profit professional society and a Related Scholarly Organization of the American Academy of Religion.


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