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Systematic Theology

George Gilmore, Spring Hill College (Alabama) 

The CTS section on Systematic Theology seeks proposals in the following areas, subordinate to the conference theme: Global Catholicism.

1.    What might be posible coherences between Catholic systematic theology and the reflective thought of other major world religions?  One might use the thought of Jacques Dupuis, S.J., or that of Francis Clooney, S.J. For example, how is Jesus “unsurpassable”?

2.    Reflections on the syatematic thought of South India “St. Thomas” Christians.

3.    What systematic theology might underlie the social patterns of priesthood and female leadership in non-Western Catholicism?

4.    The challenge of “Eurocentrism” to all non-Western Catholic systematic theologies.

5.    Transcending the Hellenistic/Thomistic “military-industrial” complex of traditional Western Catholic systematic theology.

A systematic theology undergirding a “universal bill of rights” for immigrants.

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