The Arts, Media, Literature, and Religion

Fran Leap, Seton Hill University (Pennsylvania) 

Maria Theresa Morgan, Saint John Vianney College Seminary (Florida)

David von Schlichten, Seton Hill University (Pennsylvania)

Proposals are invited that critically investigate, relate to, or employ various forms of the arts, literature, music, film, or media (e.g. Internet, Blogs, Twitter), especially those that explore the theme of this conference, “Catholicism in the 21st Century: Crossroads, Crisis, or Renewal?”  

Possible approaches might include:

  • An exploration of how important issues and crises are depicted in the arts. For example, how do movies such as Spotlight and Doubt, illumine, obfuscate, or problematize crises that the Roman Catholic Church has had to grapple with?
  • Considering Pope Francis as a multi-media celebrity. How is the Pope’s message reflected, reinforced, or undermined by the arts and the media? What role did the arts and media play in his visit to the United States?
  • An examination of contemporary fiction or poetry and how it pertains to Roman Catholic identity in the 21st century.
  • An examination of music being used to help the Roman Catholic Church foster greater unity and renewed dedication to the Church. Do efforts such as Sister Christina singing “Like a Virgin” draw people to the Church or push people away from it?
  • An analysis of how social media affect the Roman Catholic Church. Is the Church enhanced, hindered, reconfigured by social media? Can one experience koinoneia through social media? How can social media be useful or harmful or both to religious education?
  • An analysis of how the arts function in the twenty-first century in the liturgy.

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