The College Theology Society

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The Arts, Media, Literature, and Religion

David von Schlichten, Seton Hill University (Pennsylvania)

Proposals are invited that critically investigate, relate to, or employ various forms of the arts, literature, music, film, or media (e.g., Internet, blogs, Twitter), especially those that explore the theme of this convention, “‘All the Ends of the Earth’: Challenge and Celebration of Global Catholicism.”

Possible approaches include:

·      Examination of artistic works that address how the Church lives out its catholicity.

·      Analysis of how social media reinforces/undermines inclusion of marginalized voices.

·      Presentation of artistic works that address one or more of the following issues: imperialism, colonialism, and oppression.

·      Comparison of artistic works of past eras to artistic works today, including how the effort to address global concerns has changed/remained the same (since, in some sense, the Church has always been global).

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