The Arts, Media, Literature, and Religion

Maria Theresa Morgan, Saint John Vianney College Seminary (Florida)

David von Schlichten, Seton Hill University (Pennsylvania)

Proposals are invited that critically investigate, relate to, or employ various forms of the arts, literature, music, film, or media (e.g., Internet, blogs, Twitter), especially those that explore the theme of this conference, “You Say You Want a Revolution: 1968-2018 in Theological Perspective.”

Possible approaches include:

  • An exploration of important artistic works of 1968 and how they pertained to theology in 1968.
  • Issues pertaining to race, gender, and the environment, all of which were especially pertinent in 1968, and how they related to the arts and media and the Catholic Church’s addressing of those issues.
  • How the Church was using the arts and media in 1968.
  • Comparing and contrasting the Church’s use of the arts and media in 1968 with today.
  • Focusing on one particular artistic work of 1968 and its theological significance.

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