Theology, Ecology, and Natural Science

Daniel Castillo, Loyola University of Maryland,

Julia Feder, Creighton University (Nebraska),

The Theology, Ecology and Natural Science section invites papers and panels that address the intersections among theology, ecology and the natural sciences and their relationship to the conference theme. Below are three areas that could be explored:

1.              In what ways might Laudato Si’ offer a means for the renewal of the US American Catholic Church?

2.              Given the long history of US American racism –as well as the contemporary socio-cultural landscape – examine the realities of environmental racism from a Christian ecotheological/ethical perspective. (Here, one might also wish to consider the nexus of theology/biology/and racist ideologies.)

3.              Despite the rise of postmodernity over the last half century, it nonetheless appears that what JB Metz called “the ersatz metaphysics of evolutionary progress” continues to hold sway within many sectors of US American society. We welcome papers that explore the relationship between evolution, narratives of progress, and the Christian life of faith.

Compelling topics not directly related to the annual conference theme will also be considered.  Clarity, focus, and pertinence to the topic area are the hallmarks of successful submissions.

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