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Theology, Ecology, and Natural Science

Julia Feder, Creighton University (Nebraska)

Lucas Briola, Saint Vincent College (Pennsylvania)

The Theology, Ecology, and Natural Science section invites papers and panels that address the intersections among theology, ecology and the natural sciences and their relationship to the conference theme.  Below are some areas that could be explored:

1) How might Catholic theological reflection on the natural world be enriched and deepened through engagement with non-European theological and spiritual wisdom? 

2) How might we make sense, theologically, of the ecological sins of globalization? 

3) What role might particularity and locality play in the current ecological crisis, particularly in light of the global dimensions of that crisis? What contributions and obstacles might burgeoning populist movements across the globe present to this question?

4)How can we adequately acknowledge and resist the racist and ethnocentric legacies of the Western scientific tradition while using science as a resource for theological reflection?  

5) How might an evolutionary perspective affect our understanding of “global”?

6) What light do otherwise marginalized voices—women, indigenous communities, etc.— shed on the aims of Laudato si’?

7) How are we to make sense of the church's particular role in resolving the ecological crisis, especially in light of its global scope?

8) To what extent do individuals and peoples have a claim to their own bodies when issues of public health and scientific research are at stake?  See, for example, the global viral sovereignty movement.

Compelling topics not directly related to the annual conference theme will also be considered.  Clarity, focus, and pertinence to the topic area are the hallmarks of successful submissions.

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